What is Sponsoring?

The main driving force behind Dimeload is sharing; sharing with your friends, family, people on the internet, anyone you like, especially that internet person you really, really like.

When you sponsor a project, you not only have your own page to share that you can put absolutely anything on (cat pictures, hamster videos, personal ads, intriguing manifestos) but you also support that particular project and the developers that create it.

Sponsoring is an ideal way of showing your support for a project.

Sponsoring a project uses dimes. You can sponsor any number of dimes per project and this will convert into the number of downloads available for your sponsored page.

By the way, your sponsored page never dies. If it runs out of downloads, just top it up with dimes!

That's basically the gist of it.

How to Sponsor

1. When you're on a project page, click the "Sponsor a Project" link.

Take note of the number of dimes you have and look out for those handy hints!

2. Fill out the form with your imagination and generosity.

Secret name is actually the URL of the page you're sending people to when you share the link; ie. if your secret name is, "For_the_love_of_pixels", your sponsored link will be http://dime.lo4d.net/dl/projectname/For_the_love_of_Pixels

How many are you adding? refers to the number of dimes you're sponsoring for that page; ie. if you sponsor 10 dimes, that means you're giving 10 downloads away.

Tell us about yourself! Write anything you want here; poetry, the story behind why you're sponsoring the page, post your favourite cat videos or images. Youtube urls will turn into an embedded video and image links will turn into proper images.

One last thing, you can always come back to this page and change the stuff you've shared. Or just add more stuff to it!

*Dimeload is open source and free for anyone to install and use.